Here at La Cote Maison Nail Salon in Baildon, we don’t care if you are a “minimalist” or a “maximalist” when it comes to your nail manicure, we just love you all! We know January can be a bit dull after the excitement of the Festive season, so why not cheer yourself up with a visit to the salon? Book yourself in for a manicure using gel, Shellac, Minx, CND acrylic or gel overlays, or enhancements.

There’s something about a manicure, be it low-key and neutral or blinged out and pointy, that sort of completes a look. And regardless of your personal style, nail trends in 2019 will tick off all the boxes. Sure, a mani is on the smaller side and nowhere near as attention-grabbing as a hairstyle or makeup moment, but it can be just as noteworthy!

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 10.34.57
Bling, bling and more bling!

For the maximalist, textured surfaces are becoming more popular and achievable. Glitter is a form of texture that is very appealing on nails and embellishments with beads and studs are not going anywhere. Nails should be your best accessory, and now we are seeing jewelry combined literally on your fingertips.

“Negative space manicures” are really interesting! We can do a clear base coat applied onto the nail, then add designs using bold lines, colours on the tips only, words or phrases, versions of the traditional French manicure, or a mix of all of these. And they can be very forgiving since nail growth doesn’t show as easily.

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 10.34.36
Crescent moon…… negative space mani

Look at this design starting with a clear base and then using glitter to create a crescent moon at the base, or along one side.


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