Not that you need more of an incentive to wear a face mask, (helping to protect you and those around you from the spread of COVID-19 should be enough TBH), but I’m about to give you one anyway: Matching your face mask with your manicure is officially a thing. We’re talking trendy polish and nail art that coordinates perfectly with your cloth mask (think: matching prints, colour schemes, designs—the possibilities are endless).

So to give you some inspiration on the trend, see below some fabulous ideas for mask and mani combos that you’ll want to start playing around with ASAP.  And you know that at La Cote Maison Nail Lounge, we love to make you lovely ladies feel fabulous.

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Mask mani Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 15.04.28 Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 15.03.30

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