If your beauty routine was a relationship, hair and makeup would be holding hands while nails… well, they’d be the unfortunate third wheel. Face it: Compared to how much time and energy you put into doing your hair and makeup (or at least, thinking about doing your hair and makeup), nails usually come in last place. Almost always, painting — even the bare minimum: filing — your nails comes as an afterthought. But at La Cote Maison Nail Lounge in Baildon, we say that stops now.

Getting your nails done can be tedious so it’s no wonder most settle for plain polish or nothing at all. But that’s not good enough for us! As much as we love a pretty nude manicure, we also love to get inspired and have our fingertips painted in the kind of designs that can totally be on the wall of the Louvre. We do Shellac, Minx, CND nail enhancements and don’t forget your toes! Ready to book your appointment?

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